Caddy 2K Project - Touran Conversion

No messing about during the UK lockdown! Whilst we're not operating our workshop due to the technician's self isolating at home, I have been getting work done on the Caddy van around our usual day to day order handling.

The first big job & the one that certainly has a huge impact on the look of the van, is the Touran facelift conversion. We found an '07 Touran being broken, the owner saving the back half for a custom trailer, that we could horde all the parts we wanted from it! We picked up the full front end, wing mirrors, dash, door cards, carpets & more than we really needed. 

Most of these parts are now fully installed, with just the wing mirrors to finish off fabricating brackets for & finally painting so they look OEM.

Within a day we'd got the full Caddy front ripped off, Touran parts in place and started making the slam panel fit the Caddy. For people who know, this is much easier to do if you have the correct wing ends from the facelift donor Touran....however those parts had found their way to a scrap yard before we actually got that far in. More about that later!!!

As I say, we messed up a little missing the Touran wing ends, however I spent a couple of hours on a Saturday morning cutting & grinding, making room for the facelift slam panel to fit. However it does sit higher, which meant making up some spacers to ensure the bolts held everything securely & correctly. A quick CAD drawing, warm up the 3D printer and a couple more hours later, I was able to fix the front secure & finish the conversion off.

With the front end finished, moving on to the interior. Ripping out the pretty nasty & tired Caddy parts, dash, seats & carpets. We found the van must of had some damp in as the floor & panel joins had all gone pretty rusty and flaky. We took those bits back to bare metal and coated with Por15 rust prevention paint, to ensure they won't get any worse or rust again in the future.

Mounting up the Touran dash is a pretty simple task, with only a few mounting point pieces needing to be changed. We painted all the trims in satin black & started rebuilding & cleaning as we went.

Eagle eyed readers will notice the Double Din head unit & upgraded door speakers. We have also included and slimline sub/amp combo in the rear foot well. All provided from Alpine UK....we will run another blog post with more info about the audio in the future!

Last job to tie everything off was painting the interior trims, we also painted the front bumper grilles too. This just finished everything off nicely and giving a newer look to everything. We're not going for show standard with this van, but certainly making it a nice daily & stand hauler to demo our products & skills nicely.

Our nest post will delve a little deeper into the rust & repairs, if you find something doing something similar then that will be worth checking in on. Even though the van is a 2005 model, it's not an old vehicle at all. But as manufacturers lessen their body protection from factory, newer cars will be rusting faster. So when working on a car you plan on keeping for a few years, it's always worth knowing how to sort these little niggles out early and well to stop them coming back.

- Best, Matt